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About kairiko

The giant penguin

There is a myth that crops up in many different cultures of a gigantic, fearsome penguin that terrorised seaside communities. It was said that if certain important moral qualities were not upheld, a terrible penance would be cast upon the region. Children would be lost, animals defiled and sugary treats consumed. The fear of retribution was so great that few of these legends made it into the written word, however, the name Kairiko (pronounced Kai-Reeko) was whispered from generation to generation. 

For many years, most Penguin scientists (a close-minded, backwards-looking cabal of charlatans) pooh-poohed these stories. Perhaps Big Pharma is scared of Big Penguin? However, in recent years, archaeologists have discovered bones of a gigantic Penguin species, forcing even the slow-minded scientists into a rethink. 

For further information, there is a secret room in the Museo Nacional de Antropología, located near to the Stone of the Sun. Tell them I sent you.

Daragh thomas


Daragh Thomas left his glittering career in a Casino to seek a more fulfilling and creative life.


His first two EP's are made up of short, vivid instrumental songs using a mixture of classical instruments, vintage synths and electronic beats. 

To produce Kairiko`s EP, Daragh worked with some talented musicians from all over the world.

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